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Faith-Based Christian Rehab Program in Indiana

Boca Recovery Center in Indiana is surrounded by five acres of countryside. The facility is filled with professionals who know all about how addictions develop, how they’re treated, and how faith and spiritual practices could strengthen your sobriety skills. Here’s what you need to know about our Christian treatment program.


More than half of Americans self-identify as Christian.[1] If you’re one of them, your relationship with a higher power could be an important part of your addiction recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Our faith-based Christian rehab, conveniently located in Indiana, could be critical for you.

Our Faith-Based Christian Rehab Center for Substance Abuse in Indiana 

Experts say a faith-based rehab program can lead to successful abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse. People who use these addiction treatment programs accept guidance from God and their peers, and their social-religious behaviors can help them develop a new community in sobriety.[2]

Your faith-based Christian rehab program at Boca Recovery Center could include the elements below. Each one could be infused with your relationship with a higher power. 

Medical Detox 

You’ve likely tried to quit drinking or drugs alone, but you weren’t successful. A medical detox program is different. Medications can help adjust chemical imbalances caused by drugs and alcohol. This is the first step in your recovery process. 

Inpatient Rehab 

An inpatient addiction treatment program lets you move away from your triggers and surround yourself with care and professionalism. In a faith-based program like ours, you don’t have to leave your beliefs and Christian principles behind. They are supported in every activity you engage in throughout your addiction treatment program. 

Therapy & Counseling 

Professionals help you unpack how the drug and alcohol addiction developed, what makes it worse, and what you’ll need to do to get better. Your therapist understands you and how these issues develop. And in a faith-based program, your belief in a higher power is woven throughout your conversations. 

Support Groups 

As a person of faith, you understand the power of community. You also know how others can help to strengthen your understanding of complex issues. Support groups can do the same thing for your addiction recovery. Your meetings might include others who also share your religious traditions and spiritual practices and are willing to join you in prayer. 

Outpatient Care

When you’re feeling stronger in recovery, you may be ready to move out of an inpatient program. Our Indiana facility offers outpatient care. 

Work with the same therapists you know and love, and continue to strengthen your sobriety skills. Your faith is still a critical part of your recovery, and it’s supported in this treatment model. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment 

Your skills, prayer, and therapy can help you strengthen your sobriety. But a chemical imbalance could increase your relapse risks. Ongoing medication can ease these issues and make you less likely to slip. Our Indiana faith-based rehab program can ensure you take the right dose of medication when you need it most.

Updated November 7, 2023
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