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Cocaine Addiction Rehab in Indiana


Cocaine is one of the most popular drugs abused in Indiana. Whether you’re smoking, injecting, or snorting cocaine, it’s dangerous. Boca Recovery Center in Bloomington can help you change your substance abuse habits and develop a healthier future. 

People who abuse cocaine often need inpatient treatment to get better. Experts say cocaine has a strong addictive potential as it reaches the brain in seconds and produces intense euphoria.[1] Lingering damage can make it hard to quit cocaine abuse. 

Boca Recovery Center has helped Hoosiers just like you to quit using cocaine for good. Enroll in our beautiful facility and take a step toward a better life today.

Cocaine Addiction & Abuse Statistics in Indiana

Key Facts

  • About 4.8 million Americans 12 and older used cocaine in 2021.[2]
  • Close to 2% of Indianans used cocaine in 2020, but the drug was very popular among young adults. In that same year, 4.2% of people ages 18 to 25 used cocaine.[3]
  • More than 10% of people enrolling in addiction treatment in Indiana reported cocaine as a primary, secondary, or tertiary substance of abuse in 2021.[3]
  • Young people in Indiana often start with gateway substances, such as alcohol or marijuana. Some of them have switched to cocaine by the time they enter middle school.[4]

Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Indiana

While a cocaine high may last for just minutes, the damage lingers. Changes deep within your brain make overcoming cocaine addiction very difficult. A cocaine addiction treatment program is different. 

An inpatient detox program for cocaine addiction, like the one at Boca Recovery Center, lets you step away from triggers and relapse risks. Medications ease symptoms like insomnia and anxiety while your body adjusts to a drug-free life. 

An inpatient rehab program helps you dig deeper into the cause of your cocaine addiction. For example, close to 33% of people in Indiana have clinical depression or anxiety.[5] If you’ve been self-medicating with drug use, you’ll need to find new ways to cope. 

A structured addiction treatment program like the one offered at Boca Recovery Center can arm you with the tools and techniques you’ll need to maintain your sobriety for the long term. 

Cocaine Addiction Rehab at Boca Recovery Center in Indiana

Several addiction treatment centers operate in Indiana. Boca Recovery Center is different. Here, you’ll get personalized and science-based therapies to help you overcome your specific version of cocaine addiction.

Assessments start the recovery process. Researchers say close to 70% of people seeking help for cocaine abuse also use other drugs.[6] Doctors will understand just what you’ve been using, so they can address the right targets in your detox program.

When inpatient rehab begins, you’ll have access to the healing grounds that surround our Bloomington facility. You’ll spend most of your day in therapy, education sessions, and support group work. But you’ll have time to reflect and plan for your future in some of the most healing spaces Indiana has to offer. 

The FDA hasn’t approved medications for cocaine addiction treatment.[6] But our team is adept at using therapy and education to help people build healthy habits. And we’ll keep working with you when inpatient care is complete, so you’ll have the aftercare support you need to stay sober. 

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Updated December 16, 2023
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