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Family Therapy

We often think of addictions as personal issues. In reality, one person’s substance use disorder can touch an entire family — changing relationships in complex and devastating ways. Family therapy at Boca Recovery Center untangles these complex connections and uses the power of a family’s love to promote health and healing. This science-based approach can help you build a stable life in recovery.

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Family Therapy at Boca Recovery Center

Who can you lean on when times are tough? Who do you trust more than anyone else? For most people, the answer is family. But for people touched by substance abuse, family connections can be frayed or broken. Therapy at Boca Recovery Center can help.

At Boca Recovery Center, we are aware that treating a family is more challenging than treating an individual. Our staff is trained to manage complicated family situations with skill and compassion.

The family therapists at Boca Recovery Center can help your family recreate a stable, functional environment where your loved one can practice sustained abstinence. Our counselors are experienced in applying family therapy across various cultural and social situations.

family therapy boca recovery center

What to Expect



Boca Recovery Center uses a tailored approach to SUD care. We’ll discuss your addiction, family history, and prior treatment approaches. Then, we’ll help you decide if including your family is an important part of your therapeutic plan.



You’ll learn how your SUD impacts — and might be supported by — family dynamics. Your close family members will learn how to help you practice new skills to stay sober for a lifetime. You’ll emerge as a stronger, healthy family unit.



Family therapists who specialize in addiction rehab facilitate discussions and problem-solving sessions. These sessions may include the entire family or a subset of family members. Sometimes, the session involves someone other than the one using alcohol or drugs.


Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy allows you to address conflicts caused by addiction. It’s a safe, effective, and proven method to help people build a support group they can lean on in recovery.

These are some of the known benefits of family therapy:[1-3]

  • Retention - When your family is deeply committed to your recovery and actively working with you, dropping out of care is harder and relapse may be less likely.
  • Addiction understanding - Family therapy helps you recognize how your substance use changes your relationships and how you can solve long-standing problems.
  • Family changes - Therapy helps your family make positive changes that strengthen your bond and make preserving your sobriety easier.
  • Efficacy - Involving your family can strengthen your resolve to truly change your life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Family therapy is an inclusive form of treatment that might include spouses, parents, children, and other people touched by one person’s SUD. Together, participants can resolve complex issues, develop clear methods of communication, and foster an environment that supports long-term sobriety.

Family therapy uses the inherent strength of families to bring about a change in dealing with a problem like substance abuse. The purpose of family therapy is twofold. The first is to reduce the impact of substance abuse on the individual with the addiction and the family. The second is to use the family’s resources and strengths to help the individual who dealing with an addiction.

Insurance companies cover therapy for substance abuse issues, but every plan is different. Some might restrict who can provide the care or how long it might last. Boca Recovery Center can navigate these issues for you, as we offer quick insurance verification. We can call your insurance company and get all the information you need.

Yes. The therapists at Boca Recovery Center specialize in family therapy and counseling with special training in drug rehab. If your family is in a crisis, talk to us today, and let us help you.

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