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Fentanyl Addiction Rehab in Indiana


The next dose of opioids you buy in Indiana could contain fentanyl — whether you want it or not. People addicted to fentanyl, whether they got it intentionally or not, can get the science-based help they need from Boca Recovery Center. 

Fentanyl is similar to morphine, but it’s up to 100 times more potent. Its potency makes the drug very addictive.[1] Each dose causes such intense changes to your brain that quitting can be difficult without help. 

Boca Recovery Center uses medication and therapy to help people recover from fentanyl addiction. Get the opioid addiction treatment you need in beautiful surroundings that support your soul as well as your body. 

Fentanyl Addiction & Abuse Statistics in Indiana

Key Facts

  • More than 150 people die every day from synthetic opioid overdoses.[2] Fentanyl’s strength makes it very dangerous.
  • The fentanyl typically associated with overdoses is made in illicit laboratories. Dealers can make a small amount of fentanyl, separate it into multiple doses, and make a big profit.[1]
  • The Indiana police have identified fentanyl in seized drugs. They say these additions have caused overdoses within the state.[3]
  • Between 2012 and 2016, fentanyl-related deaths in Indiana increased by more than 600%.[4]
  • In one Indiana county, 23.8% of overdose deaths in a seven-year period were linked to fentanyl.[5]

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment in Indiana 

Opioid drugs like fentanyl cause persistent brain changes. Physical and mental health symptoms appear when you try to quit fentanyl use, and they can make you relapse to drug use despite your best intentions. Addiction treatment can completely change your experience. 

Fentanyl addiction treatment begins with detox. Doctors use medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms and help you get sober safely and comfortably. The team at Boca Recovery Center has significant experience in administering these medications safely and carefully. 

Withdrawal management is effective, but it can’t prevent relapse.[6] You will need more help to stay sober. You can get the therapy you need onsite at Boca Recovery Center. 

Medications like methadone and buprenorphine are proven to reduce relapse risks.[7] Teams at Boca Recovery Center can administer these programs over the long term to ensure that your relapse risks are reduced. 

Among factors associated with relapse, researchers say a desire for a positive mood is the strongest.[8] Attending therapy during your fentanyl addiction treatment can help you find other ways to improve your life’s outlook. 

Fentanyl Addiction Rehab at Boca Recovery Center in Indiana 

Plenty of substance abuse programs in Indiana can offer treatment options in the form of medications and therapy. But Boca Recovery Center is a little different. 

In this addiction treatment program, you’re not a number or a statistic. You’re an individual that needs personalized care. Your fentanyl addiction treatment begins with an assessment and planning meeting. You’ll get a vote on how your program will work. 

You’ll start with a medical detox to get sober safely. If you need them, your medications will continue throughout the treatment process. Therapy will help to strengthen your skills to keep you from relapse. You’ll do the work in a beautiful facility, surrounded by staff that’s available to help you around the clock. 

As your skills strengthen, you can move into outpatient treatment. You’ll practice your skills while you transition to an independent life. 

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Updated March 5, 2024
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