Boca Recovery Center - Drug Rehab in Bloomington, IN
2306 W 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47404
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Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Bloomington, IN

Boca Recovery Center at Bloomington, Indiana, is a beautiful, free-standing Medical Detox and Residential Treatment facility providing treatment to individuals for substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Surrounded by peaceful, green countryside, the facility sits upon five acres of land, boasting 13,000sqft of living and treatment space.  The building offers 17 bedrooms and bathrooms, a gymnasium, a movie theater, and both indoor and outdoor recreational areas. The facility staff provides excellence in both medical and clinical care in our spacious location, offering the warmth and comfort of a home environment. We are located one hour south of Indianapolis International Airport and closely situated to Indiana University, Bloomington.

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It takes a team of experts to fight a complex disease like substance abuse. We invest, not only in the most sophisticated technologies to support your treatment, we also invest in the top clinical minds to provide the highest level of care to you.

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