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Meth Addiction Rehab in Indiana

If you’re searching for help with meth addiction, consider Boca Recovery Center in Bloomington. At our treatment center, you can get the help you need to quit drugs for good.


Methamphetamine is popular in Indiana. In fact, it’s the top drug that drives people into rehab programs within the state.[1]

Experts say meth is one of the most addictive drugs available. Each dose forces brain cells to release huge amounts of dopamine, a feel-good chemical. That release strongly reinforces drug use, making it difficult to quit.[2]

But the tools you’ll develop at Boca Recovery Center can help you overcome relapse triggers and build a happier, healthier life in recovery. With addiction treatment from our skilled, experienced team, your life can get better. 

Meth Addiction & Abuse Statistics in Indiana

Key Facts

  • More than 16.8 million Americans 12 and older have used methamphetamine at least once.[3]
  • In some parts of the country, meth is an even greater threat than opioids. Meth users often turn to violent crime to support their habit.[3]
  • In Indiana, meth is the most-cited drug by people enrolling in addiction treatment programs. In 2020, close to 6,000 people entering treatment considered meth their drug of choice.[1]
  • Experts say Indiana was hit hard by the opioid crisis. Now, users are turning to meth instead, and overdoses are rising accordingly.[4]
  • Police are trying to solve the problem. In 2022, Indiana officials closed 22 meth labs. In 2017, they closed 254.[5] But meth is still entering the state via traffickers and dealers.

Getting Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction in Indiana 

Meth is notoriously hard to quit, especially if you try self-directed recovery. Without formal addiction treatment, only one meth user in nine will stay sober for three months or longer.[6] But professional help can change the outlook greatly.

Inpatient treatment for meth addiction works best. Move away from your home, dealers, and triggers, so you reduce your relapse triggers. Surround yourself with a talented team devoted to your recovery. When you can’t relapse to drugs and your days are filled with education and support, you’ll gain confidence in your sobriety skills and ability to build a better life. 

No medications are proven effective for meth addiction treatment.[7] But therapy can help you understand your addiction and build relapse-prevention skills. Choose the right substance abuse program, and you can get better. 

Meth Addiction Rehab at Boca Recovery Center in Indiana 

While meth addiction treatment can be challenging, it’s not a punishment. Plenty of people enjoy the work they do in meth treatment, and they begin to grow in a supportive and comfortable setting. 

Boca Recovery Center offers evidence-based therapy in a supportive, stunning environment. Balance your therapy with relaxation and recreation on five acres of green, peaceful countryside. 

Your meth treatment program at Boca Recovery Center might include the following elements:

  • Individual therapy: Work one on one with a professional who understands you, your addiction, and your potential. 
  • Group therapy: Participate in larger sessions conducted by your therapist and including others in recovery. Role play, interact, and learn from your peers in a supportive environment. 
  • Education: Learn more about how meth is made, why it’s so dangerous, and how others have recovered from their addictions. 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: If you have depression or anxiety underlying your meth use, get help for both problems at the same time. 
  • Outpatient care: When you’re feeling stronger in recovery, move out of the inpatient facility and participate in private sessions while you transition to independent life. 

At Boca Recovery Center, we believe in individualized care. No two addiction treatment programs are exactly the same. We’ll meet with you and develop a plan that’s just right for your unique situation and needs. 

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Updated December 16, 2023
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