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Veteran Support

Boca Recovery Center is a VA Community Care Network partner, serving veterans and their families struggling with addiction.

  • Access our treatment program using your VA benefits
  • We work with the VA to get you approved
  • Veteran-oriented treatment options & support

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  • Access our treatment program using your VA benefits
  • We work with the VA to get you approved
  • Veteran-oriented treatment options & support

Quick, Easy Process to Use Your VA Benefits

1. Contact our admissions team

If you are looking for drug or alcohol rehab treatment, call us at (888) 623-3077. Our admissions team is happy to help you get started on your recovery journey.

2. Get a free 15-minute consultation

Talk to an assessor about your treatment needs, VA enrollment, and co-occurring medical or mental health conditions, all of which will help determine if you are a good fit for Boca Recovery Center and the Community Care program.

3. Get a personalized care plans

Based on your consultation, the admissions team will create an individualized treatment plan for you that may involve various types of therapy, medication, and more. You’ll review this personalized care plan with them and set treatment goals.

4. We work out the rest with the VA

We understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate coverage and care, which is why we collaborate with the VA to ensure you are approved for Community Care and get the most out of your benefits.

Quality Care That Serves Veterans

  • Medical Detox Medical detox involves 24-hour care and oversight to manage your withdrawal symptoms. If you are addicted to alcohol, opioids, or sedatives like barbiturates or benzodiazepines then your individualized treatment plan may start with medical detox services.
  • Family Support for Recovering Veterans We offer family support and family therapy for veterans in our treatment program, involving spouses, parents, and any other important loved ones, to promote healing, improve communication, and enhance conflict-resolution skills.
  • Treatment for PTSD & Underlying Conditions Many veterans with a substance use disorder also have co-occurring post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as other psychiatric conditions like depression or anxiety. We offer comprehensive and integrated treatment that addresses both conditions simultaneously, greatly increasing the likelihood of recovery and improved well-being.
  • Veteran-Oriented Support Veterans face many unique challenges when it comes to addiction recovery and mental health care, including PTSD and other psychiatric disorders, traumatic brain injury, illnesses due to toxic exposure, trouble transitioning back to civilian life, chronic pain, and more. We take all of that into consideration when treating you.
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Why Choose Us?

Proven Success in Addiction Care

We’ve helped over 6,000 patients fight and overcome their addiction and we truly understand the level of care needed to achieve long-term sobriety.

Treatment Designed Around You

Our experienced medical directors & staff work together to create customized treatment plans that help each patient successfully overcome their addiction.

Top 10% of Rehabs in the U.S.

We offer evidence-based and high-quality addiction treatment services, and our industry accreditations place us in the top 10% of treatment facilities in the U.S.

Our Accreditations

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What Patients Say

Our Facilities

Boca Recovery Center facilities are located in Boca Raton, FL, Pompano Beach, FL, Galloway, NJ and our newly opened location in Bloomington, Indiana. Our amenities include private rooms with all the comforts of home. Each room is equipped with a smart television and comfortable furnishings. Our facilities offer recreational areas including a gym, game room, basketball court and barbeque area.

Each Facility Offers

  • Private rooms
  • Caring, attentive staff
  • Drug & alcohol addiction treatment
  • Inpatient & outpatient options
  • Medication-assisted detox & treatment
  • Outdoor amenities & activities
Boca Recovery Center basketball court
beds at Boca Recovery Center common area at Boca Recovery Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Bloomington, IN and Galloway, NJ locations have partnered with the Veteran Community Care program to provide substance abuse treatment for veterans who need it.

Yes, you need a referral from the VA in order to receive treatment at Boca Recovery Center through the Community Care program. However, the process is easy and relatively quick.

In order to be eligible for Community Care, you must meet several requirements, including:

  • You are eligible for VA healthcare and have gotten approval from the VA.
  • You need a type of service or treatment that the VA doesn’t provide.
  • The VA cannot provide the care you need that meets quality standards.
  • You live in Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, or Alaska and qualified under the Veterans Choice Program’s 40-mile distance requirement prior to June 6, 2018, and still live in a qualifying location.
  • The VA isn’t able to provide the treatment you need within a 30-minute drive time or wait lasting longer than 20 days.
  • You live in a U.S. state or territory that doesn’t have a full-service VA medical facility.
  • You and your VA provider agree that receiving treatment at a community provider is the best option for you.

No, you cannot send a family member who is not a veteran to rehab using Community Care. This program is only for veterans who are eligible for VA healthcare.

Yes. If you are eligible for the Veteran Community Care program, the VA will cover your addiction treatment services at Boca Recovery Center.

More Questions? Call Us Now at (800) 516-4357 for answers!