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Faith-Based Christian Rehab Program in New Jersey


More than 65% of New Jersey adults are Christians, and 50% of New Jersey adults say their religion is very important to them.[1] If you’re struggling with addiction or substance abuse and are looking for a faith-based approach, consider Boca Recovery Center in New Jersey. 

Get the science-based therapies proven to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction. But know that every treatment approach will be infused with faith to support long term recovery. 

Our Faith-Based Christian Rehab Center in New Jersey 

Boca Recovery Center is located in Galloway, very close to the Jersey Shore. You’ll be surrounded by reminders of God’s love. And you’ll get the addiction treatment you need to recover from substance abuse issues. 

Close to 75% of addiction treatment programs include a spiritual element, such as 12-step program integration.[2] But a true faith-based approach, like the one we use at Boca Recovery Center, is different from other Christian rehab programs in New Jersey. 

A true faith-based treatment program melds the biological, physical, and social needs of people in recovery with the need for a close relationship with God.[3] The two work together to help you develop a sober life in recovery that fosters your Christian beliefs. 

Your Christian rehab program might include the following elements: 


Drugs like alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines can alter brain chemistry in profound and life-threatening ways. The faith-based approach at Boca Recovery Center doesn’t mean abandoning science-based principles. If you need medications to ease your chemical imbalances, you can get that help in New Jersey. 


A team of mental health experts holds therapy sessions every day at Boca Recovery Center in New Jersey. Participate in individual therapy sessions and discuss issues privately. Attend group therapy sessions with your therapist and other peers. Know that your therapist can incorporate your faith and spirituality into all of these sessions. 

Support Groups 

Many support group models, including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, include a faith-based approach. You’re encouraged to embrace a higher power to work this program, and your meetings may include prayer. You can also work with peers and pray together on the beautiful campus. 

Peer Support 

In a Christian rehab program like Boca Recovery Center, you’ll live and work with others who share your beliefs and biblical principles. Together, you can explore methods that can help you strengthen a life in sobriety. You can discuss your faith openly without worrying that others won’t believe it or understand you. 

Prayer Opportunities 

Your days at Boca Recovery Center include independent time. You can use it for prayer or Bible study. You’re surrounded by contemplative spaces and natural beauty to help you in the recovery process. Take time to reconnect with your higher power whenever you need to do so, and know you can continue this practice when the addiction treatment program is complete. 

Updated November 2, 2023
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