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Sober Living & Recovery in Delray Beach

Our housing component is nestled in the heart of Delray Beach, which is close to the several prominent sober community meetings, the Atlantic Ocean, and streets bustling with restaurants and stores.

This residence has been beautifully-appointed and upgraded, with all the comforts and home-furnishings to allow our clients to develop the daily life skills that we know are essential to an overall and effective program of long-term sobriety. Clients have their own private bedroom, and each room is equipped with a smart television and comfortable furnishings to mirror true independent living.

The uniqueness of our sober living programming at Delray is that it allows for clients to hold their own cellphones and also for the freedom to attend meetings of their choice and spend their downtime as active participants in the community.

The housing is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and driver/transportation is provided to ensure that clients are able to get to the clinical offices and any other necessary appointments. Our housing facility has a gym, game room, and barbeque area, as well as scheduled weekend entertainment, providing a number of opportunities to engage in sober fun within the community milieu.

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It takes a team of experts to fight a complex disease like addiction. As we invest in the most sophisticated technologies to support your treatment, we simultaneously invest in the top clinical minds to provide the highest level of care to you.

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