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Humana Insurance Coverage for Drug Rehab in Florida

The admissions team at Boca Recovery Center works directly with Humana plan administrators. Our intake team can verify your benefits, maximize your coverage, ensure your care is authorized, and otherwise handle your insurance details.

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Humana is one of the largest health insurers in Florida. In 2021, Humana had about 2.6 million members.[1] 

Whether you have Humana coverage through an employer, Medicare, or Medicaid, you can pay for the drug rehab you need with your health plan. Boca Recovery Center accepts all types of Humana insurance plans.

To determine just how much your Humana policy will cover, reach out via this form. Our insurance specialists will work directly with Humana and explain your plan in terms you can understand.

Does Humana Cover Drug Rehab in Florida?

Whether your Humana plan is public, private, Medicaid-based, or Medicare-connected, you can get the addiction coverage you need. Every policy is different, and the out-of-pocket costs and rules you’ll face can vary. But if you have a Florida Humana care, your plan can help you get addiction treatment. 

In 2023, Humana announced plans to leave the commercial market in Florida.[2] If your Humana coverage is coming to an end, don’t worry. Boca Recovery Center works with dozens of insurance providers. We can help you maximize your benefits and get care.

Does My Humana Plan Type Matter?

Humana offers several different products in the Florida market. All of them have unique rules and regulations, but all of them include benefits for drug and alcohol rehab. 

Boca Recovery Center professionals can verify your benefits and explain the regulations, no matter which type of Humana plan you have. 

How Much of the Rehab Cost Will Humana Cover?

Your out-of-pocket costs will vary, depending on the Humana plan type you have. 

In general, if you pay a higher premium every month, you’ll pay less for the care you need. If you purchased your Humana plan with affordability in mind, you may face higher costs for necessary care. 

But know that everyone with a Humana plan can get at least partial coverage for addiction treatment. And you can use your benefits at Boca Recovery Center. 

Insurance Coverage for Boca Recovery Center Drug Rehab 

Humana insurance covers drug rehab services provided at Boca Recovery Center. Our team can verify your benefits and explain any out-of-pocket costs you might face. 

Many Humana plans involve copayments and deductibles. These cost-sharing options keep your monthly payments small, but they can add up when you need care. We can help.

Boca Recovery Center believes cost shouldn’t be a barrier to effective care. We offer financial options, such as scholarships and financial assistance packages, to people with limited insurance coverage. 

Verifying Your Humana Coverage in Florida 

How much of your treatment program will Humana cover? How much will you pay in out-of-pocket fees? The Boca Recovery Center team will answer these questions through verification. 

Our admissions team will contact Humana directly to verify your coverage and maximize your benefits. You’ll know all the details before your plan begins.

Insurance can help you lower the cost of drug rehab, but you must work with your insurance provider to maximize your benefits. Boca Recovery Center makes this easy. Fill out this form to start the verification process. It takes just minutes and is completely free.

What Addiction Treatment Services Are Covered by Humana?

Every plan is different, but most Humana policies cover the basic elements of a treatment plan for addiction.

The length of your treatment program may vary, along with your out-of-pocket expenses. You’ll understand all of the details before treatment begins at Boca Recovery Center. 

Reach out to our admissions team to find out more about using Humana coverage at Boca Recovery Center. 

Updated March 5, 2024
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