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Anthem Insurance Coverage for Drug Rehab in Florida

Anthem is one of the largest Blue Cross Blue Shield providers in the United States. While this brand serves customers in states like Colorado and Georgia, Anthem plans aren’t available in Florida.[1]

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But you can use your Anthem benefits for treatment in Florida. If you’re ready to travel for care, Boca Recovery Center can help you understand your benefits. And we accept payments from Anthem. 

If you don’t understand the name of your plan, what’s covered, and how it works, don’t worry. Our intake team at Boca Recovery Center can work directly with your insurance plan. You can focus on your recovery. We’ll handle the details. 

Does Anthem Insurance Cover Drug Rehab in Florida?

Anthem plans aren’t available in Florida. But Anthem plans do cover drug and alcohol addiction treatment. You could use your coverage to get care in Florida, no matter where you bought your plan. 

Every Anthem plan is a little different. Some come with high premiums and deluxe coverage options. Others have affordable premiums and limited coverage. But all of them can help you to pay for the treatment you need to get your life back on track. 

How Much Will You Pay Out of Pocket?

Many Anthem plans involve copayments — fees you pay to a provider directly as a form of cost-sharing. Others involve deductibles — charges you cover before your insurance pays anything. 

Boca Recovery Center doesn’t expect you to be an insurance expert. And we know unexpected costs can add stress to an already difficult part of your life. 

We will work directly with your insurance provider. We’ll give you an estimate of your total bill before treatment begins. 

Insurance Coverage for Boca Recovery Center Drug Rehab in Florida 

People with Anthem can use their coverage to pay for drug rehab at Boca Recovery Center. No matter which type of plan you have, you can get at least partial coverage for your treatment program. 

If your plan has limited coverage, don’t worry. Boca Recovery Center offers financial assistance and scholarships to qualified individuals. We believe cost shouldn’t prevent you from getting better. We will work with you to make your treatment affordable. 

Verifying Your Anthem Insurance Coverage in Florida 

Boca Recovery Center will verify your insurance benefits for free. Know what is (and is not) covered, and find out how much you’ll pay out of pocket. Getting started is quick and easy. 

Fill out this insurance verification form. Our admissions team will contact your Anthem plan administrator and discuss the details. Then, we’ll explain everything in simple, easy-to-understand terms. 

Find out about your Anthem insurance coverage in minutes, and pay nothing for this valuable service. Get started with one online form.

What Addiction Treatment Services Are Covered by Anthem?

It depends, as every plan is different. However, most Anthem plans cover basic components you’ll need to address your addiction and recover. 

Your recovery plan might involve the following components:

How Long Will Anthem Cover Florida Rehab?

It depends. Some plans allow for lengthy inpatient treatment, while others limit coverage and encourage you to access outpatient care. 

We know insurance can be confusing. We will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf, maximizing your benefits while you work on getting better. 

Connect with our admissions team to learn more. 

Updated March 5, 2024
  1. The states we serve. Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. Accessed August 29, 2023.