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Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Coverage for Drug Rehab in Florida

The good news is that Boca Recovery Centers accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans at our Florida drug rehab centers. Our intake team can work directly with your plan administrator to ensure you maximize the benefits available through your policy.

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About 115 million people have insurance coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield.[1] If you’re one of them, know that your insurance plan can help you get treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.

There are many types of Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans in Florida. To help determine exactly how much your plan will pay for the costs of inpatient drug rehab, just reach out by this form or by phone. 

Our insurance specialists will work extensively with you and take the time to answer any questions.

Does Florida Blue (BCBS) Cover Drug Rehab in Florida?

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), also known as Florida Blue, does drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Florida. Every plan is different, and the costs that are covered can vary greatly. But if you have Florida Blue insurance, your plan can help you get treatment in Florida. 

How Much of the Cost of Drug Rehab Will Florida Blue Insurance Cover?

Florida Blue plans vary widely. Some cover the entire cost of treatment with no out-of-pocket expenses required. Others offer more limited benefits. 

It also depends on the specific drug rehab, whether they are in-network, out-of-network and their overall costs. Some luxury Florida drug rehabs may have little coverage, or not even accept insurance. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality treatment providers in Florida that can be covered either entirely or partially by most Florida Blue insurance plans.

Everyone with a Florida Blue insurance plan can get at least partial coverage for a substance abuse issue – regardless of the specific plan they have.

Insurance Coverage for Boca Recovery Center Drug Rehabs in Florida 

People with Florida Blue coverage can get the care they need from Boca Recovery Center. Our intake team can verify your benefits and explain your out-of-pocket costs (such as deductibles or coinsurance). 

If you have a deductible or other costs not covered, we can help work with you to make your treatment affordable. We’ll handle all of the paperwork, so you can focus on your recovery. We provide free insurance verification through this form. Make a form submission or call us to review your Florida Blue drug rehab coverage in detail.

Verifying Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Coverage in Florida 

Since every BCBS policy is different, members are encouraged to call their plan administrators to verify how much any treatment will cost. Boca Recovery Center can handle this delicate task for you. 

Our admissions team will contact your plan administrator and determine what is and isn’t covered. We’ll explain everything to you in terms you can understand. Simplifying the process means you can focus on getting better. 

PPOs vs. HMOs

BCBS plans come in many forms, including PPO (preferred provider organization) and HMO (health maintenance organization). 

If you have a BCBS PPO plan, you’ll pay less when using organizations inside a policy-defined network. A BCBS HMO policy is similar, but you typically need a referral from a doctor to get started. 

You don’t need to be a healthcare expert to get treatment at Boca Recovery Center. We’ll handle this detail for you. 

What Addiction Treatment Services Are Covered by Florida Blue?

Every Florida Blue plan is different. Most cover at least some of the basic components people need in order to combat an addiction. 

Your recovery plan may include the following components:

  • Medications: Prescription drugs could help you move through withdrawal safely. Sometimes, people need medications for longer periods to avoid relapse. 
  • Therapy: Counselors and therapists help their clients build relapse prevention skills and uncover their drug use triggers. 
  • Housing: Some people need treatment in inpatient facilities to avoid their triggers. Others need hospitalization for critical drug-related problems. 

Although BCBS coverage varies from plan to plan, you can expect at least partial coverage for treatment settings, such as:

  • Medical detox: Receive 24-hour medical care and supervision to manage drug or alcohol withdrawal safely.
  • Inpatient rehab: Reside at the treatment facility while receiving individualized treatment consisting of various therapies and interventions.
  • Partial hospitalization: Live at home while attending therapy for up to 30 hours per week.
  • Intensive outpatient: Live at home while attending counseling for between 9 and 20 hours each week.
  • Outpatient rehab: Reside at home while attending a few hours of therapy per week.

Does BCBS Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Substance abuse often goes hand in hand with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Like all health insurance plans, BCBS offers coverage for these mental health conditions.

How Long Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Florida?

Drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation timelines can vary dramatically from plan to plan. Some Florida Blue policies are generous and allow for lengthy stays in inpatient care. Others restrict the time people can stay in residential treatment.

Since policies can be varied and confusing. Boca Recovery Center teams can work directly with your plan administrator on your behalf. We’ll ensure you maximize your benefits. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Tiered Plans

Some BCBS policies are sold in a tiered system. High-end plans are typically more expensive, but they come with more generous benefits. Budget plans often come with limits and higher copayments. 

You’re not required to understand the tier system. The team at Boca Recovery Center can untangle the details for you. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Example of Florida Blue’s Tiered Plan Options:

Example Florida Blue Rehab Coverage by Plan Type
Plan Tier% CoveredDeductibleMonthly Cost
Updated March 5, 2024
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