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Veterans Affairs Community Care Network 

The Veterans Affairs Community Care Network allows veterans to access medical services outside of the VA. This care is provided on behalf of—and paid for by—the VA.[1] Boca Recovery Center is a preferred provider of addiction treatment.

VA-Approved Addiction Care for Veterans Learn More

What does this mean? 

Quick Answer

As a veteran with VA benefits, you can get the addiction care you need at Boca Recovery Center. Your VA benefits will pay for this care. 

Understanding the VA Community Care Network 

The VA has hospitals and clinics all across the United States. However, some veterans don’t live close enough to VA facilities. Sometimes, the care they need isn’t offered at nearby VA facilities. The Community Care Network helps solve these problems. 

The Community Care Network stems from the MISSION Act of 2018. Before this law, veterans were required to stay within the VA system to use their benefits. However, legislators realized that some veterans couldn’t get the care they needed within the VA system due to problems like long drive times or extensive waiting periods.[2]

Due to the MISSION Act, veterans can get the care they need, where and when they need it, from community providers that have been carefully selected and vetted by the VA. Appointments made through the VA Community Care Network are both authorized by the VA and paid for with benefits. 

Boca Recovery Center Is Part of the Community Care Network 

The VA is deeply committed to providing high-quality care to those who served their country.[3] VA officials have safeguards in place to ensure that veterans get the care they expect, even if they’re not visiting an official VA facility. Boca Recovery Center has passed all tests and exceeds all requirements. You can get the care you deserve here. 

Many Boca Recovery Center locations in Bloomington, Indiana, and Galloway, New Jersey, are full-fledged partners in the VA Community Care Network. We’re ready to serve veterans in need with quality care delivered with exceptional expertise and compassion. 

Specialized Addiction Care for Veterans

Get veteran-focused treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders that’s fully covered by the VA’s Community Care programs

How It Works 

People who can use the Community Care Network are those enrolled or eligible for VA health care and who have approval from the VA before they get care from the network.[4] 

You must meet other requirements, including one of the following:[4]

  • You need a type of service that isn’t provided at a VA facility.
  • You live in a state or territory without a full-service VA facility.
  • You live in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wyoming and qualified under the Veterans Choice Program’s 40-mile distance requirement on June 6, 2018, and still live in a qualifying location.
  • The VA can’t provide the care you need within standard drive and wait times. For mental health care, that means a drive time longer than 30 minutes or a wait lasting longer than 20 days.
  • You and your VA provider agree that using a community provider is the best medical option for you.
  • The VA can’t provide the service you need in a manner that meets quality standards.

If you and your provider decide using the Community Care Network is best, your provider will help you get authorization. When the plan is approved by the VA, you can start your treatment and move on to a better life. 

Get Started With Boca Recovery Center

If you’re looking for high-quality, compassionate care for an addiction, contact Boca Recovery Center. We’re happy to help you navigate the VA system and ensure you can use your benefits to get the help you need. You can trust us to deliver the same exceptional care you expect from your VA providers, and you won’t pay more to work with us than you would if you stayed within the VA. Contact us to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network

These are the questions we hear most often about the Veterans Affairs Community Care Network:

Do I need a referral from the VA before using a community care provider?

Yes. Community care must be authorized by the VA before treatment begins.[1] However, this process is quick and easy. Boca Recovery Center experts can explain it to you and help you get started.

Is Boca Recovery Center part of the VA Community Care Network?

Yes. Our Bloomington, Indiana, and Galloway, New Jersey, locations are full partners in the VA Community Care Network. We’re proud to provide veterans with the high-quality care they both need and deserve. Contact us today to get started.

Do I need to find a community care provider, or can I stay at the VA?

You’re not required to use a community provider, but it comes with some advantages. A community provider like Boca Recovery Center might offer treatments your VA facility does not, and a community provider may have a shorter wait time for care, too. It’s smart to consider this option when you’re dealing with a condition as serious as addiction.

Updated May 6, 2024
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