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Percocet Addiction Treatment

If you’ve developed a Percocet addiction, you may be suspicious of using medical teams to get better. After all, of those who started abusing opioids in the 2000s, 75% say their first exposure was a prescription drug.[1] While a doctor’s note may have started your addiction, Boca Recovery Center’s treatment teams can help you end it.

Struggling with Addiction? Get Help Now

Percocet addiction treatment typically begins with medication-assisted detox. The best programs will combine prescription medications with wraparound care that includes counseling, support group facilitation, and robust aftercare. That’s the kind of help you’ll get at Boca Recovery Center. 

Treating Percocet Addiction at Boca Recovery Center 

Treatment teams at Boca Recovery Center use evidence-based principles to help people overcome addictions. For opioids like Percocet, we combine medications, therapy, and structure to help you build a new life. 

Every program is different, as we tailor our approach for every person we help. Yours might include the following elements. 

Medical Detox for Percocet Withdrawal Management

Withdrawing from an opioid like Percocet is sometimes described as enduring a very bad case of the flu. Experts say withdrawal is a life-threatening condition resulting from addiction.[2] Medical detox can ensure you get sober safely and comfortably. 

Medications like methadone and buprenorphine can ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Fluids can help you stay hydrated. Gentle therapy can help you understand what your body’s going through as it heals. 

You’ll do the work in a calm, soothing environment staffed with trained professionals. You’ll never be on your own. We’ll be with you at every step, offering science-based treatments to help you heal. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) 

The medications you used in detox may help you maintain sobriety over the long term. At Boca Recovery Center, we combine therapy with medications to deliver a very effective medication-assisted treatment (MAT) approach to people with Percocet addiction. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the following three opioid MAT options:[3]

  • Buprenorphine, a partial opioid agonist that eases cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Methadone, a full opioid agonist that eases cravings and withdrawal symptoms 
  • Naltrexone, an opioid antagonist that keeps drugs like Percocet from working 

There’s no MAT program maximum duration. Some people need medications indefinitely to ensure they don’t relapse.[3] At the end of your MAT program at Boca Recovery Center, we’ll connect you with a local provider to ensure you get the help you need for as long as you need it. 

Comprehensive Inpatient Rehab Treatment for Percocet Abuse 

Research suggests that longer stays in treatment are closely associated with an improved chance of sobriety.[4] At Boca Recovery Center, we provide a safe, soothing, supervised environment that’s designed to maximize your comfort and ensure your sobriety.

Inpatient treatment at Boca Recovery Center involves moving into the facility of your choice. You’ll spend most of your day learning more about how your addiction developed and what you’ll need to do to stay safe, as you build a gratifying life in recovery. Counseling sessions, support group meetings, and educational sessions will be critical to your success. 

Your MAT will be closely managed during inpatient treatment. If your medications need adjusting, your team will be there to help. Nutritious and delicious meals will help your body to heal. Independent time for meditation and thinking will be part of your recovery too. 


Working with talented counselors, therapists, and mediators, you’ll develop a deep understanding of how your addiction developed. You’ll also build up skills to deploy in challenging situations that could compromise your recovery. 

Several types of therapy are effective in addressing addiction, including the following:[4,5]

  • Individual therapy: Meet with a counselor in private sessions and work on difficulties with interpersonal relationships. 
  • Skills therapy: Learn strategies that can help you reduce drug misuse and avoid the temptation to leave the program early. 
  • Group therapy: Participate in sessions with others in recovery. Share experiences, learn to communicate clearly, and help others who are struggling. 
  • Drug education: Find out more about how opioids change your body. Learn about drug-caused infections, such as HIV and hepatitis. 
  • Family therapy: Communicate clearly with family members and fix broken habits caused by addiction. 

We’ll present all of your therapy options and help you choose which is right for you. As you grow in recovery, your therapy methods may change, too. 

Why Choose Boca Recovery Center for Your Percocet Addiction Treatment Program?

Some of the top reasons to choose us include the following:

  • Individualized treatment plans: We tailor treatment plans to address your unique needs, history, goals, and more.
  • Evidence-based treatment methods: We use addiction treatment modalities that are backed by scientific research and considered best practices.
  • Top credentialed and accredited medical directors and staff: We staff some of the most experienced and knowledgeable therapists, doctors, and psychologists in the country.
  • Insurance coverage: We work with most major insurance providers, including private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid, to help make rehab more accessible.
  • Financing options and flexible payment options: We don’t want a lack of insurance to be a burden to receiving quality addiction treatment, so we offer financing and payment plans to reduce the cost of care.
  • Proven success in addiction care: We’ve treated over 10,000 patients at our various facilities, helping them achieve sobriety and create a long-term recovery plan.
  • Top 10% of rehabs in the U.S.: All our locations are accredited by The Joint Commission. We meet the highest standards of care in addiction and behavioral health.

Flexible Payment Options

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Most major insurance carriers cover addiction treatment. We will work with your provider to get you the maximum possible coverage for your care.

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Private Pay & Financing

Patients with limited or no insurance may need to secure private financing. We can help put you in touch with third-party lenders and explore other options if needed.

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Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for federal and state sponsored health benefits, scholarships, and special financing options. Talk to our admissions coordinator to see if you qualify.

Call now to check your coverage and explore your options! (800) 516-4357

Long-Term Recovery From Percocet Addiction 

About 90% of people who stay sober for two years remain that way at the 10-year mark.[4] The Boca Recovery Center team uses aftercare programming to help you reach these important milestones. 

Your aftercare program might include the following elements:

  • Support group meetings
  • Group or individual counseling 
  • Drug education classes
  • Vocational training
  • Sober living homes

When your inpatient program is drawing to a close, we’ll explain all of these options to you and develop a roadmap for the future. Ideally, you won’t choose just one or two tools to help you stay sober. Instead, you’ll tap into different options as your life changes and new challenges arise. 

Your discharge planning team will connect you with resources close to home. We’ll find you the counselors, MAT doctors, and support group facilitators that are convenient for you and open to new clients. 

Your treatment team is always ready to step back in, as needed. If you leave the program and feel overwhelmed, use our intensive outpatient program to get back on track. Keep living at home and come to our location every day for care. If you need even more help, come back to the inpatient program for touchup care. 

You’re never alone when you enroll at Boca Recovery Center. Your team is committed to your success and will do what it takes to help you feel better and stay sober. 

Getting Started at Boca Recovery Center 

Putting down Percocet and focusing on your future isn’t easy. It’s natural to feel worried about what’s ahead. Know that choosing Boca Recovery Center means connecting with a talented team that will do everything possible to help you improve. 

When you’re ready to get started, contact us for a free, confidential pre-screening conversation. We’ll ask about your Percocet addiction, recovery attempts you’ve tried in the past, and your location. We’ll also ask about your insurance coverage. This talk will help us understand if Boca Recovery Center is right for you.

We’ll talk with your insurance provider, so you won’t have to worry about preauthorization and referrals. We can also manage transportation to our facility, so you won’t have to coordinate those details. We’ll even provide a detailed packing list, so you know just what to bring. When you arrive, we’ll be here to welcome you and help you settle into a whole new way of life that will lead you to a better future.

Updated December 3, 2023
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