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Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Indiana 

Enrolling in Boca Recovery Center’s inpatient treatment program in Indiana is a commitment to your future. The tools and techniques you’ll access while in our beautiful addiction treatment facility can help you get back on track.


In 2020, about 24,000 people enrolled in drug and alcohol treatment programs in Indiana.[1] This year, you might join them and become part of a community devoted to addiction treatment and healing.

Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Indiana 

Enrolling in inpatient drug and alcohol treatment means leaving your triggers, stresses, and bad habits behind to focus solely on your future. Our Indiana addiction treatment center is the gateway to a life that is not dominated by drug and alcohol abuse. 

Just as every person is different, so are the substance abuse treatment programs offered at Boca Recovery Center. We’ll take time to understand you, your history, and your goals. Only then can we design a rehab program that can truly change your life. 

Your drug and alcohol rehab program might include the following elements:

Medical Detox 

It’s hard to get sober without help. Medical detox provides the assistance you need to clear your mind and body. Your team uses medication assisted treatment to help you get sober without the threat of life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Maintenance Medications 

Drugs like heroin, oxycodone, and benzodiazepines can alter brain chemistry in profound and lasting ways. If you need help after medical detox is through, your medical team will provide it. 

Individual Therapy & Group Therapy 

Why did you start using drugs and alcohol? What makes your cravings increase or decrease? What people, places, and things put your sobriety at risk? You’ll answer these questions and build up skills in comprehensive therapy sessions that are held every day in an inpatient program. 


Drug dealers rarely tell their clients about the dangers of their products. But the more you know about how substances work, the better you can avoid them in the future. Attend education and training classes to learn more about both addiction and the recovery process. 

Dual Diagnosis 

About 7.7 million adults have mental illnesses and substance use disorders.[2] Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety can complicate your recovery journey, but they don’t have to stop it. Boca Recovery Center’s dual diagnosis program treats both conditions at once, offering a clear path to long-standing sobriety. 


Our commitment to you doesn’t end when your inpatient addiction treatment is complete. You’ll have access to counselors and medication management programs in Indiana. We’ll set up the referrals and ensure you’re using them. We can even help you find local alcohol and drug addiction support groups. 

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Updated December 16, 2023
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