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The Importance of Having Fun in Recovery

The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful, and it will do whatever it can to keep you in the cycle of your drinking or using. One of the most common reasons a person doesn’t want to get sober is because they believe that it’s impossible to have fun in recovery.

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The brain is doing whatever it can to justify and rationalize your using by creating delusions of the life that you’re living. In reality, there’s nothing fun about being a slave to your drinking or drug use. Everything you do on a daily basis involves seeking drugs or alcohol and trying to maintain the high that you’re looking for. It’s important to recognize this in order to get the help you need and go on to live a fulfilling life.

When the Fun Stops

Most people didn’t become addicted the first time they tried alcohol or drugs. In many instances, a person began drinking or using drugs at a young age. High school is a common place where people begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and this can continue into a person’s 20s. In the person’s mind, there are many benefits to drinking or using drugs. The substances can act as a social lubricant and allow a person’s social anxieties to disappear, or the person is able to hang out with a certain type of crowd that’s prone to partying. For those suffering from addiction, there comes a point where the fun stops.

There’s Nothing Fun About Addiction

When a person is suffering from addiction, their struggling with an obsessions to drink or use, and they’re also chasing after the idea that it will someday be fun again. Eventually, addiction turns into a situation where a person is manipulating and stealing from their loved ones just to supply their alcohol or drug problem. For many people who have become highly dependent to their substance of choice, drinking or using is simply a means of avoiding the harsh symptoms of withdrawal.

Having Fun in Recovery

Treatment and recovery isn’t just about learning how to stop using drugs or alcohol. The recovery process is meant to give you a new perspective on life as well as a new experience. During the treatment process, you’re going to learn how to have fun again because it’s important to understand that you don’t need to be drunk or high in order to have a good time. Through the bonds you create with others in treatment, you’re going to experience great laughs and memories you’ll never forget.

It can be difficult to have fun at first, but it will come in time. As you continue on your journey of recovery, you’ll begin to find fun and pleasure in the simplest things. Recovery is about having the ability to have a fresh start at life and try new things. At Boca Recovery Center, you’ll find new hobbies that you never knew you’d enjoy, which will also help you as you continue your journey after treatment. The best gift you’ll receive from treatment is that you don’t need to drink or use in order to love the life that you’re living.

Updated May 10, 2024
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