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Learning to Deal with Life in Recovery

In order to truly recover from addiction, a person must begin to change their thought process when it comes to dealing with life, which is what you’ll learn by coming to treatment.

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There’s a common misconception that addiction is solely about a person’s drug and alcohol abuse. In reality, the alcohol and drugs are merely a symptom of the overall problem. If all it took was eliminating drugs or alcohol from a person’s life to cure addiction, then everyone would stay sober after going through a detox program.

Dealing with Your Past

A person’s past is one of the primary causes of their addictions, and each person has a different story. Many of the behaviors that stick with a person throughout their life are learned from a very young age. For example, lying is something that many people do in their active addiction, but it’s something that was learned before they were even 7 or 8 years old. Trauma is another reason a person’s addiction is being fueled, and it’s difficult for most people to let go of their past. The problem is that holding onto one’s past is what’s keeping them sick, so it’s important to learn how to deal with these issues in a much healthier way.

Managing Stress

Stress is something that every person on Earth has to deal with, but those who struggle with addiction manage their stress in a way that only increases their stress levels. The insanity of addiction is that the cure (trying to relieve/cure the pain/stress) becomes another disease.

Learning to Deal with Life on Life’s Terms

The primary purpose of treatment is to teach people how to manage life on life’s terms without having to turn to a drink or a drug. Treatment is meant to provide people with a solid foundation of recovery and provide each person with tools to use when they transition back into the world. It’s be misleading to tell anyone that once they go through treatment that all of their problems would go away. On a day-to-day basis, none of us know what the future holds for us. Life happens when it wants to, so it’s of the utmost importance to learn how to cope with the good and the bad while in recovery.

Boca Recovery Center is here to provide you with the tools you need to live an incredible life without having to pick up a drink or a drug. While life is still going to happen when you discharge from treatment, you’ll see that you have a new perspective on situations. Situations that may have caused an enormous amount of anxiety, depression or fear will be manageable by the time you leave treatment. These are incredible things you’ll learn to do when you come to get help for your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Updated June 21, 2023
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