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Christian Rehab Services

There are many faith-based drug rehabs and Christian recovery centers to help people battling substance abuse. These facilities provide spiritual guidance as part of addiction treatment.

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Christian Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a challenging condition to overcome. An individual who is lost in the depths of addiction can use all the help they can get. In addition to detox and psychotherapy, spiritual support and guidance play an important role in recovery for people dealing with drug and alcohol abuse.

At Boca Recovery Center, our focus is on understanding our patients’ needs based on their addiction, co-existing medical conditions, and religious beliefs. We offer Christian faith-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation services for clients who are spiritually inclined.

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In this article, we explore faith-based addiction treatment and who can benefit from Christian drug rehab. We outline some of the common spiritually-focused programs and discuss how rehab can help those with a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Many alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers offer programs that include spiritual guidance as part of addiction treatment. These faith-based programs use religious beliefs to aid recovery from substance abuse. They are called Christian Treatment Programs.

Faith-based activities during addiction rehab include church attendance, lectures from scriptures, and Bible study. Topics of discussion during rehab sessions can include things like the struggle of sin, the grace of God, the empowerment of faith, and the importance of trust. During faith-based addiction therapy, the focus is on prayer and meditation and making it a priority during recovery.

At Boca Recovery Center, we offer a faith-based rehabilitation program that combines evidence-based substance abuse treatment with spiritual guidance to help our clients achieve long-term sobriety.

Who can benefit from Faith-Based addiction treatment?

Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs are ideal for people with a strong religious faith. Spirituality plays an important role in recovery for such individuals. In addition to standard addiction treatments, recovering addicts in faith-based rehabs receive religious guidance and support.

Christian rehab services and programs encourage recovering addicts to renew their relationship with God. They are encouraged to broaden their capacity to forgive and re-examine their morals and values. The spiritual guidance helps recovering individuals deal with the personal issues and emotional turmoil that frequently accompany addiction. Christians in recovery receive all the support they need to regain their lives. For this reason, many religiously inclined individuals with substance abuse problems turn to faith-based rehabs.

The faith-based drug and alcohol rehab program at Boca Recovery Center emphasizes practicing compassion, building connections, and submitting to a higher power. Our Christian rehab program makes it easier for spiritually inclined individuals to go through addiction treatment.

Is Faith-Based treatment right for me or my loved one?

A good candidate for Christian Rehab services at Boca Recovery Center is an individual who:

  • Has a strong religious background.
  • Was exposed to spirituality early in life.
  • Attends church regularly.
  • Received education at a Christian institution.
  • Maintains strong relationships with clergymen in the community.
  • Has family members who pray and believe in the power of prayer.

Could you or someone you love benefit from Christian drug rehab? Before you sign up, let’s take a look at how this addiction treatment works.

How does spiritual treatment work?

During Christian-based treatment, the focus is on spiritual practices. These practices play an important role in the transition from an active addict to treatment seeker. Recovering individuals are encouraged to re-establish their relationship with God and submit to a higher power. This brings them peace of mind and the strength to go through with addiction rehab. Faith-based alcohol and drug rehab makes recovery easier and longer-lasting. The important thing, however, is to integrate faith-based activities with standard addiction treatments.

Boca Recovery Center’s Christian rehab program is designed to ensure spirituality and addiction treatment work in synergy. The goal is to establish a firm foundation for recovery and prevent relapse.

Our program addresses many issues that affect Christians struggling with substance abuse. This includes the stigma attached to addiction, feelings of blame, and the sense of isolation many addicts experience. Here are some of the strategies that recovering individuals can benefit from during faith-based rehab at Boca Recovery Center:

  • Learning spiritual principles that promote recovery.
  • Developing a stronger and deeper relationship with God.
  • Participating in meditation and prayer.
  • Studying religious scriptures.
  • Receiving counseling and education.

These faith-based practices are combined with treatments such as medically-assisted detox and withdrawal symptom management. Group and individual psychotherapy sessions are combined with Christian rehab services. Participants also receive guidance on relapse prevention.

Religion-based addiction treatment programs

Christian treatment programs are effective for all types of addictions, including alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, and behaviors like gambling or sex. Some well-known methods for faith-based drug recovery are:

  • 12-step programs
  • Intensive inpatient drug rehab with a focus on religious tenets
  • Outpatient addiction rehab with individual and group therapy
  • Gender-specific and addiction-specific faith-based rehabs

Christian-Based therapy at Boca Recovery Center

The faith based drug rehab program at Boca Recovery Center combines evidence-based addiction treatments with spiritual guidance. Our goal is to give you the best chance of recovery with a holistic treatment program. Upon entry to our program, our expert team will evaluate your needs and develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses all your issues. If you have never been to treatment before, we may offer a combined detox and faith-based program to get you started on your journey to a drug-free life. If you have already gone through detox and are having trouble staying sober, our Christian addiction rehabilitation services will give you the spiritual resources you need to make recovery easier. Call us today on (800) 516-4357 to find out more about our Christian drug rehab program.

Updated April 23, 2023
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