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Faith-Based Christian Rehab

The faith-based drug and alcohol rehab program at Boca Recovery Center emphasizes practicing compassion, building connections, and submitting to a higher power. Our Christian rehab program makes it easier for spiritually inclined individuals to undergo addiction treatment.

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Faith-Based Christian Rehab at Boca Recovery Center

All Boca Recovery Center treatment programs are evidence-based. We don’t use therapies that don’t have a basis in science. However, in a faith-based program, we combine evidence with faith. In addition to standard addiction treatments, clients in faith-based rehabs receive religious guidance and support.[1]

Our clients are encouraged to renew their relationships with God. Therapy will help broaden your capacity to forgive and deal with the personal issues and emotional turmoil accompanying addiction.

Our program addresses many issues that affect Christians struggling with substance abuse. This includes the stigma attached to addiction, feelings of blame, and the sense of isolation many people with addictions experience.

faith based christian rehab boca recovery center

What to Expect



Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs are ideal for people with a strong religious faith.[1] When you enter treatment at Boca Recovery Center, we’ll ask if you’re interested in this component as part of your treatment.



Our evidence-based approach is designed to help you understand how your addiction developed, what triggers look like, and how you can build a different life. During Christian-based treatment, the focus is on spiritual practices. These practices play an important role in the transition from active addiction to ongoing recovery.



Faith-based practices are combined with treatments such as medically assisted detox and withdrawal symptom management. Group and individual psychotherapy sessions are combined with Christian rehab services. Participants also receive guidance on relapse prevention.


Benefits of Faith-Based Christian Rehab

Christian treatment programs are effective for all types of addictions, including addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, and behaviors like gambling or sex. Benefits of this approach at Boca Recovery Center include the following:

  • Christian principles - Your treatment program and the language used by your treatment team align with your religious beliefs.
  • Community - You’ll be surrounded by other Christians you can learn from during this type of recovery.
  • Filling a void - A stronger connection with God can help you manage your triggers and relapse risks.
  • Recovery - You’ll have a better chance at sobriety as you strengthen your principles and connection with a higher power.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A faith-based program, like the one we offer at Boca Recovery Center, can help you tap into evidence-based therapies like medications, psychotherapy, and support groups. These programs are also steeped in Christian principles and can help you strengthen your connection with a higher power.

A faith-based approach does not negate evidence-based approaches. Instead, these programs are meant to enhance the efficacy of your other treatments. In addition to therapy, counseling, and medications, you’ll have access to prayer, Christian services, and a religious community of peers.

Insurance companies cover rehabilitation services for addiction, including medications and therapy. A faith-based approach just enhances these services without replacing them. Your coverage shouldn’t change. Boca Recovery Center experts can contact your insurance company and assess your benefits for you.

Yes. Boca Recovery Center offers a faith-based approach to clients who need it. While you’re not required to participate in Christian offerings, they could be helpful for some people in recovery.

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