Shelby Press joined the team at Boca Recovery Center in April 2022 in the role of Case Manager. Shelby was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and has over 6 years of experience working in substance use disorder treatment. Shelby began her career as a Behavioral Health Technician, and quickly moved up to Lead Tech, Housing Supervisor, and then Case Manager prior to joining our Florida team. Shelby grew up in a home “full of recovery.” Her parents have over 50 years of sobriety combined, and because of this experience, she has always gravitated towards a desire to better understand addiction, treatment, and recovery, and she is passionate about her work. For this reason, Boca Recovery Center feels very fortunate to have Shelby on the team to help our clients link to the services that they need in their quest for long-term sobriety. Shelby considers herself to be very family-oriented, and loves to spend family time on the weekends, which includes spending Sundays with her parents, and bringing her puppy to the dog park. When Shelby is not working or enjoying family time, she can be found coaching baseball and watching her team win!