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How Much Does Antabuse Cost?

A month’s supply of Antabuse costs about $100 to $200 or more. The generic version of the medication—disulfiram— will be less expensive at about $30 to $100 per month, depending on dose. Insurance can reduce the price of Antabuse greatly.

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Antabuse (disulfiram) is a medication used to support individuals in recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD). When combined with counseling and behavioral therapies, it can be an effective tool in managing AUD. The cost of Antabuse can sometimes be a barrier to treatment, but there are cost-saving strategies you can employ to get the medication for cheaper.

Breaking Down the Cost of Antabuse

The cost of Antabuse varies based on several factors, including dose, whether you choose the brand-name or generic form of the drug, your insurance coverage, and the availability of discounts. Here’s a typical cost breakdown for a 30-day supply of Antabuse:[1]

Cost FactorEstimated Cost
Antabuse (brand name, 250 mg tablets)$100 – $200+
Disulfiram (generic, 250 mg tablets)$30 – $80
Disulfiram (generic, 500 mg tablets)$100+
With InsuranceReduced price based on your copay, which varies by plan
MedicaidMay be fully covered or have a low copay
MedicareCopay varies by coverage, which is usually through Part D

Ways to Save Money on Antabuse

Antabuse can play a vital role in recovery from alcohol abuse and AUD, but it can be challenging to afford the medication each month. Fortunately, there are several ways to potentially save money on the drug. Consider the options below to make Antabuse treatment more affordable:

Private Insurance

Most private health insurance plans offer coverage for Antabuse or its generic equivalent, disulfiram. The treatment of substance use disorders is now widely included in most insurance plans. Contact your insurance provider to understand your plan’s specific coverage and potential copays, so you can have a full understanding of your potential out-of-pocket costs.


Medicaid coverage is available for qualifying individuals and families. Currently, all states offer some form of coverage for outpatient prescription drugs. Exact coverage for Antabuse varies between states. Consult your state’s Medicaid program to determine your eligibility and any associated costs.[3]


Many mental health and substance use disorder services are covered by Medicare

Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage and typically includes coverage for Antabuse. Medicare Part D can be purchased separately and combined with other insurance coverage plans, such as employer or union health coverage, if you need additional prescription coverage.[4]


Some websites and companies offer discounts for prescription medications. offers deals on Antabuse, and often offers discounts on the generic version, disulfiram. At SingleCare, the price of disulfiram can be reduced form $150 per dose to under $30.[2] 

In addition, manufacturers sometimes offer discounts for their own medications. Check the Antabuse website for manufacturer coupons.

Factors That Impact the Cost of Antabuse

Several factors can impact your personal cost of Antabuse. Whether you use the brand name, Antabuse, or the generic version, disulfiram, makes a significant difference in terms of cost, as can the type of insurance coverage you have. Purchasing an extra insurance plan for prescription coverage may make the drug more affordable in the long run. 

These all factor into the final price you’ll pay:

Name Brand or Generic

Choosing the generic version, disulfiram, offers significant cost savings compared to brand-name Antabuse. The medication you receive is exactly the same when you choose the generic form, and it will provide the same health benefits at a significantly lower cost. If possible, request the generic version from your prescribing healthcare provider. 

Type of Insurance Coverage & Benefits

Your specific insurance plan and benefits will considerably impact your out-of-pocket expenses for Antabuse or disulfiram. Plans may cover the brand-name or generic version, and this greatly influences how much you have to pay out of pocket. Consult your specific plan provider to find out how much of this medication is covered and how much you will need to pay yourself.

Dose Requirements 

The cost of Antabuse generally increases with higher prescribed doses. As shown in the chart above, the 500 mg dose of generic disulfiram costs significantly more than the 250 mg version. If possible, consider a lower dose of Antabuse to save money on the medication. If your needs require the higher dose, talk to your doctor about how to transition to a lower dose when you can. 

The Big Picture

While price is a significant aspect, it should not be the only determining factor for which type of medication you receive. Discuss all treatment options and associated costs with your healthcare provider before you make a decision on which medication to purchase. 

Your provider can work with you to determine the most suitable and affordable medication for your needs. They may be able to introduce you to more cost-cutting measures that enable you to afford the medication you need to sustain your ongoing recovery.

Updated April 10, 2024
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