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Sober Living Homes in New Jersey


At the end of an inpatient addiction treatment program in New Jersey, you have an extensive sobriety toolkit. But will you have enough to help you resist relapse temptations in your neighborhood? 

Don’t put your alcohol and drug recovery at risk. Consider sober living homes in New Jersey. Surround yourself with understanding peers in a supportive alcohol and drug free environment and get stronger in sobriety.

How Do Sober Living Homes Work?

New Jersey experts define sober living homes as safe, family-like, substance-free living environments designed for people in recovery.[1] These sober living houses  are centered on peer support, and they connect residents with formal treatment services that promote long-term recovery. 

In New Jersey, the following two main types of sober living homes exist:[2]

  • Class F Sober Living Homes: Residences like this are cooperative sober living residences with 10 or fewer participants. An operator is on site to oversee the operations and administration of the sober living house, but the residents are encouraged to support one another in a sober environment. 
  • Oxford House Sober Living Homes: The residents are in charge of the entire sober living home. They set the rules cooperatively, and they enforce them as a group. No staff or supervisors are involved in this model of sober living houses. The residents do all the work. 

Every sober living residence is a little different, but no matter the structure, all homes are designed to put people in recovery in direct contact with one another in a supportive environment. 

Benefits of Sober Living Houses 

Anyone in the early stages of addiction recovery could benefit from a sober living home. But people who have finished inpatient substance abuse care and don’t have a safe home to return to are especially in need of the benefits of sober homes in New Jersey. 

Researchers say sober living houses are designed to provide the following benefits:[3]

  • Persistent sobriety 
  • Peer support 
  • Resident participation in household tasks 
  • Ongoing support group meetings 

Daily life is typically structured in these recovery residences. Residents have chores to finish, support group meetings to attend, and ongoing therapy to complete (such as daily or weekly therapy sessions). People learn how to develop a life that supports long-term sobriety. And they can use those lessons when they return home for good to support recovery. 

Researchers say people who live in recovery houses and programs experience benefits like sobriety, fewer arrests, better mental health, and improved employment opportunities.[3] Residents in sober living homes also develop close relationships with their peers, and sometimes, they consider other residents alternative family members.[4]

Sober living homes are especially helpful for people at high risk of relapse, including people who have experienced stress and trauma. Research shows that people in these groups have fewer mental health issues and stronger coping skills after living in these sober living environments.[5]

Finding a Sober Living Home in New Jersey Near You

Some New Jersey addiction treatment programs provide aftercare assistance to help you stay sober. For example, if you enroll in a substance abuse program at Boca Recovery Center in New Jersey, you’ll get help with next steps after inpatient care is complete. If you follow that treatment program, you won’t have to research your own options. 

If you chose a facility with no aftercare planning, you’ll need to do a little more work to find a sober living facility. A directory like this one can help you find out about New Jersey sober living options.[6] Ensure you research each sober living home before you choose one. Interview the staff, visit the organization, and read the rules. 

If you’re searching for more help or need assistance on finding a treatment program, contact us at Boca Recovery Center in New Jersey. We can help connect you with resources to support your recovery. 

Updated November 2, 2023
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