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Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in New Jersey


For people in New Jersey, there’s no space more healing than The Shore. Now, you can get the evidence-based addiction treatment you need in a place you love. Enroll in inpatient drug and alcohol treatment at Boca Recovery Center.

In 2020, more than 81,000 people enrolled in New Jersey addiction treatment programs.[1] That same year, about 601,500 people needed care.[2] 

If you need help with substance abuse and haven’t accessed it yet, consider Boca Recovery Center. Here, you can get the addiction treatment you need to get your life back on track. 

Our Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in New Jersey 

An inpatient drug and alcohol program involves moving out of your home and away from your triggers. You’ll spend every day in a healing environment, working on your addiction. At Boca Recovery Center, we provide evidence based treatment options in a soothing and therapeutic environment. 

Researchers say addiction treatment allows people to counteract the impact of drugs and alcohol. With therapy, people can regain control over their lives.[3] 

At Boca Recovery Center, we build addiction treatment programs around individuals, not statistics. We will understand you and your history, and we’ll build personalized substance abuse treatment plans that are right for you. These components might be included in your recovery process: 


Spend the majority of your day at Boca Recovery Center in individual and group counseling sessions. Work with a mental health professional in private sessions and dig deep into the cause of your substance use and addiction. Next, learn more about how to handle stressful situations and relapse triggers for long term recovery.[3] Do the work in our beautiful therapy rooms. 

Dual Diagnosis Care

Researchers say about 13% of New Jersey residents have mental health symptoms significant enough that they say 14 or more of the past 30 days are not good.[4] Sometimes, people turn to drugs and alcohol to ease their distress. The dual diagnosis program at Boca Recovery Center treats addiction and mental health conditions at the same time, with the same team, in one location. 

Medication Management 

Researchers say people with addictions to drugs like opioids are likely to relapse without ongoing medications.[5] Boca Recovery Center offers ongoing medications to people who might benefit from them. If you still need these therapies after inpatient care, your team can link you to other inpatient programs. 


People with substance abuse issues often have multiple issues, including disrupted relationships, poor social skills, and poor vocational skills.[6] The team at Boca Recovery Center offers a full counseling program that can help you rebuild your life, reduce your response to triggers, and help to ensure a long-lasting life in sobriety. 

Outpatient Care

Your team monitors your progress carefully, and at some point in your recovery journey, you’ll be well enough to move out of the facility in New Jersey. But you may need continuing care to avoid relapse risks. You can get the help you need through the team you know and trust at Boca Recovery Center. An outpatient treatment program allows you to tap into therapy while you live off campus. 

Post-Treatment Care

At the end of your addiction treatment program, you’ll still have the care of Boca Recovery Center, and you won’t lose your connection to local resources. Your team will help you find therapists, support groups, and other resources you can lean on as you transition to independent life. You’ll have all the help you need. And you can return to Boca Recovery Center at any point if you need to do so. 

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