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Fentanyl Addiction Rehab in New Jersey

No matter whether you intend to use fentanyl or not, an addiction is hard to break. Get the opioid addiction help you need at Boca Recovery Center in New Jersey. Access a talented team that’s helped people just like you to quit drugs for good. 


All across the United States, people are dying due to fentanyl overdose. This opioid drug is up to 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine.[1] 

Some people in New Jersey seek out opioids like fentanyl for its intense high. But others get hooked on fentanyl without even knowing it. Drug dealers often mix this drug into substances like cocaine.

Fentanyl Addiction & Abuse Statistics in New Jersey 

Key Facts

  • Drug traffickers are increasingly mixing fentanyl with other illicit drugs, hoping to drive addiction and ensure repeat purchases.[2]
  • A dose of fentanyl smaller than 0.007% of an ounce is enough to cause death.[3]
  • Since 2018, New Jersey has lost nearly eight people every day to overdoses, and most are connected to fentanyl.[4]
  • Between 2015 and 2019, the proportion of New Jersey Medicaid beneficiaries getting opioid prescriptions dropped from 23% to 13%. During that same period, heroin seizures that included fentanyl rose from 2% to 80%.[5]

Getting Fentanyl Addiction Treatment in New Jersey 

Fentanyl causes persistent brain changes that make quitting hard. Your fentanyl addiction treatment program at Boca Recovery Center will begin with detoxification, so you can get sober safely and comfortably. 

Researchers say fentanyl users often take other drugs, including opioids, cocaine, and cannabis.[6] Your team will develop a deep understanding of what you’ve used, and they’ll plan your addiction treatment program accordingly.

Since fentanyl is such a powerful drug, opioid withdrawal symptoms tend to be severe.[7] Your team will keep a close eye on your progress, altering your medications as needed to help you stay calm and safe during the treatment process. In time, your brain cells will adjust, and your mind will clear. Then, you’ll be ready to develop strong sobriety skills without severe cravings. 

Fentanyl Addiction Rehab at Boca Recovery Center in New Jersey 

While medical detox at Boca Recovery Center can help you get sober, rehab can help you stay that way. The facility in Galloway offers extensive help in a gorgeous environment where you can focus solely on your addiction treatment. Your recovery will be hard work, but it won’t feel like a punishment. 

Many people with fentanyl addictions need ongoing medications to stay sober. In one study, 64% of people with no medications relapsed, while only 43% of treated people did so.[8] The Boca Recovery Center team has extensive experience administering medications and can help you find a maintenance dose that’s right for you. 

Your fentanyl addiction treatment program will also involve elements like counseling, education, therapy, and support groups. The tools your team uses are customized, based on what works for you and where you are in recovery. 

When you’re feeling stronger, you’ll transition to outpatient care. Finally, you’ll be ready for an independent life in New Jersey. Your team will be with you at every step, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable. 

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Updated December 17, 2023
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