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Valium Addiction Treatment 

Valium addiction treatment at Boca Recovery Center can help you get sober safely, comfortably, and compassionately. Work with a talented team that’s treated thousands of people, and know you’re tapping into evidence-based and proven techniques that can help you change your life. 

Struggling with Benzodiazepine Addiction? Get Help Now

Leaving an addiction untreated can be deadly. Valium overdoses can cause respiratory depression, coma, and death. If you combine Valium with other drugs, including opioids, your risk of overdose is even higher.[1]

In treatment, you can learn how to quit using Valium for good so your future looks healthy and bright. 

Valium Addiction Treatment at Boca Recovery Center 

At Boca Recovery Center, every treatment program begins with a conversation. We’ll take time to get to know you and learn how your Valium addiction started. We’ll also ask about the treatment methods you’ve tried in the past. 

With that information, we can build a Valium addiction treatment program that’s right for you. It might include the following elements:

Medical Detox 

In a medical detox program, you’ll get the care and support you need to quit using Valium safely. If you’ve tried to quit unsupervised in the past and failed, you might be scared of getting sober. Medical detox is different.

Quitting Valium abruptly can lead to life-threatening symptoms like psychosis, heart palpitations, and seizures.[2] In a medical detox program, your team will slowly taper your dose to help your brain and body adjust safely. 

If you have breakthrough symptoms, such as sleeplessness or anxiety, your team can adjust your medication approach to keep you comfortable and safe. 

You’re never alone in a medical detox program at Boca Recovery Center. Your team is always available to ensure you stay comfortable and safe. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment 

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is often associated with opioids like heroin and oxycodone. At Boca Recovery Center, we know many other substances can cause persistent symptoms. Sometimes, people with a history of Valium addiction also need a form of MAT. 

Your team might opt for a very slow taper of Valium, so you’re still taking the drug when the detox phase of your care officially ends. MAT makes that slow taper possible. If you need antidepressant drugs to stay sober, MAT can help too. 

Comprehensive Inpatient Rehab Treatment 

Benzodiazepines are widely available on the street.[1] It’s not easy to stay sober when you know your dealer has plenty of Valium. Comprehensive inpatient rehab at Boca Recovery Center can help you avoid temptation. Move into a safe, protected space and work on your recovery every day. 

The inpatient portion of your stay typically lasts 30 to 90 days. Your Valium addiction treatment will consist of medication management, individual counseling, group counseling, and so much more. You’ll be surrounded by a talented, compassionate staff with years of experience in helping people just like you. When your program is complete, you’ll be stronger and ready to face what’s next.

Therapy Options 

For many people, Valium addiction begins with an anxiety disorder.[3] At Boca Recovery Center, you can address this root cause of addiction with therapy. You can also learn how to identify triggers that could lead you back to drug abuse. 

Some common therapies we use at Boca Recovery Center include the following:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): You work with a therapist to understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to avoid relapse and learn coping skills.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): This type of CBT involves talk therapy and an education aspect to improve emotional regulation, distress tolerance, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Motivational enhancement therapy: This type of therapy focuses on resolving your ambivalence about entering treatment and stopping substance abuse.
  • Contingency management: You receive tangible rewards like vouchers or cash for abstinent behaviors, such as drug-free urine tests.
  • Group therapy: Facilitated by a mental health professional, you meet with other patients to discuss issues related to Valium addiction, challenges, and successes. You may practice sober social skills, drug refusal strategies, and role-play.
  • Family therapy: Facilitated by a mental health professional, you and at least one family member meet to heal the damage caused by Valium abuse, improve family bonds, and learn conflict resolution and communication skills.
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR): A therapist works with you to reduce the distress related to traumatic memories, using focused eye movements.
  • Holistic and complementary therapies: Combined with evidence-based therapies, holistic therapies like creative arts therapy and yoga may help treat various aspects of addiction.

Some sessions are held privately, while others are conducted in groups. You have a say in your treatment and can switch approaches if you don’t feel they’re helping.

Why Choose Boca Recovery Center for Your Valium Addiction Treatment Program?

Some of the top reasons to choose us include the following:

  • Individualized treatment plans: We tailor treatment plans to address your unique needs, history, goals, and more.
  • Evidence-based treatment methods: We use addiction treatment modalities that are backed by scientific research and considered best practices.
  • Top credentialed and accredited medical directors and staff: We employ some of the most experienced and knowledgeable therapists, doctors, and psychologists in the country.
  • Insurance coverage: We work with most major insurance providers (including private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid) to help make Valium rehab more accessible.
  • Financing options and flexible payment options: We don’t want a lack of insurance to be a burden to receiving quality Valium addiction treatment. We offer financing and payment plans to reduce the cost of care.
  • Proven success in addiction care: We’ve treated over 10,000 patients at our various facilities, helping them achieve sobriety and create a long-term recovery plan.
  • Top 10% of rehabs in the U.S.: All our locations are accredited by The Joint Commission, meaning we meet the highest standards of care in addiction and behavioral health.

Long-Term Recovery From Valium Addiction 

When your inpatient portion of care is complete, you’ll know so much more about how your addiction started, what can make it return, and how you can change your life for the better. Aftercare planning ensures you have the tools you need to preserve your sobriety for the long term. 

Your Boca Recovery Center will discuss aftercare services such as the following:

You’ll be connected with resources in your community, and you’ll know what to do if you need to come back to Boca Recovery Center for care. You won’t be alone in recovery. 

Getting Started at Boca Recovery Center 

Your Valium addiction may feel overwhelming, but you can get better. Consider Valium addiction treatment at Boca Recovery Center. 

Contact us for a free and confidential pre-screening conversation. Tell us about where you are now, and we’ll start planning for where you want to go. We’ll work directly with your insurance company on payment options, and we’ll make your travel arrangements. All you have to do is reach out to get started. 

Updated March 21, 2024
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