Treatment Programs

Florida Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

One of the most important aspects of the treatment process is transitioning through different levels of care. It’s been statistically proven that those who transition through levels of care at a treatment facility have the best chances of staying sober. It’s often too much too soon when a person goes straight from treatment to their old life, so we’re here to provide you with treatment programs so you can continue your recovery as you transition back into your new life.

Levels Of Care Offered

Partial Hospitalization

After you’ve gone through a quality detox program that we’ve referred you to, you’ll begin in PHP. PHP is one of the highest levels of care that’s really meant to give you a safe space and the time that you need to begin the healing process. Addiction is fueled by triggers from everyday life, which can be anything from work, to family to financial issues. While in treatment, you’ll be able to set all of these worries aside and truly focus on yourself and your recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Addiction

Once you’ve completed the PHP program and are in a better place mentally, you can transition to the outpatient program. The outpatient program gives you some more freedom than you had in the PHP program, but you’ll still have some accountability and structure. This way, you can still feel safe because you’re getting the help that you need as you begin to go back to work or rebuild relationships with friends or family.

Sober Living

Sober living is one of the best options for those who complete treatment because it provides you with the ability to maintain a normal life, but you’ll be surrounded by people who understand what you’re going through. It’s sometimes difficult to go back to your normal life and not be with people who understand what early recovery is like. In sober living, you’ll be able to return home to a place where you have assurance there are no drugs or alcohol in the home, and you’ll have an incredible support group to lean on any time you’re struggling.