Here at Boca Recovery Center, we’re always looking for people to help make our treatment facility thrive. If you’re passionate about helping people overcome their struggles with alcoholism or drug addiction, you may be a perfect fit at our facility.

Mental Health Professionals

Boca Recovery Center is looking for qualified mental health professionals who specialize in different fields that can help people overcome their addiction as well as begin the healing process with their loved ones. Our clinical team is looking for full-time staff members who can provide individual, group, family and couple psychotherapy sessions. We want passionate individuals who understand the disease of addiction and enjoy working with those trying to make positive changes in their life.

Education, qualifications and certifications vary based on position. Please contact us for more information about joining our team.

Recovering Addicts Giving Back

Some of the best employees that any treatment facility can have are ones who have overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs. If you have at least two years clean and sober and are looking to give back to the newcomer, we’d love to have you as part of our team. As you know, some of the best help a newcomer gets is from another recovering addict or alcoholic.

Other Positions

If you’re interested in working in another department at Boca Recovery Center, please feel free to submit your resume to and keep an eye out for new open positions.

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