Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

Addiction is a cunning disease that makes a person thinks that it doesn’t exist at all. No matter how unmanageable a person’s life is becoming, they can often think that they’re able to control their drinking or using. The obsession to control their substance abuse can lead to potentially fatal consequences as well as issues with work, school and loved ones. Once a person finally admits that they have a problem, inpatient treatment is often the best option because a person can’t even trust themselves to maintain their sobriety.


Addiction Inhibits the Survival Part of the Brain


PHP treatment is extremely beneficial because having too much freedom in early recovery can be dangerous. When a person is still able to interact with the people, places and situations that have been fueling their addiction, it’s extremely difficult to stay sober while getting help. This is due to the fact that addiction is a disease that over-stimulates the pleasure system in the brain. The reason people put their substance abuse in front of their priorities like work or family is because their mind legitimately tells them that they need these substances in order to survive.


PHP Treatment is the Best Commitment You can Make


Think about how many times you told your loved ones or yourself that you were going to change your ways or you weren’t going to pick up a drink or a drug and how many times it didn’t work. You’re not alone in this situation as many people struggling with addiction have encountered this scenario multiple times. Going to inpatient treatment can seem like a very big commitment, but it’s only a small portion of time compared to the life and freedom that you’re going to regain with the help that you receive.


How PHP Works


In PHP treatment at Boca Recovery Center, you’ll have structure and safety from the outside world. This gives you the opportunity to truly focus on yourself and your recovery while your triggers and stresses of everyday life are left back home. Inpatient treatment is meant to provide you with a solid foundation of recovery through individual therapy, group therapy and fun activities so you can begin to see that there’s a life worth living without having to pick up a drink or a drug again.