Fidget Spinners For Recovery?

Fidget spinners are the latest craze, and they’re being sold all over the country as novelty items, but they’re much more than that. If you’re someone struggling with a dual diagnosis, which is a mental illness combined with your addiction, these fidget spinners can have quite the benefit. Mental illness is one of the leading causes of addiction as well as relapse, so it’s important to support your mental illness as much as possible. With this little gadget in hand, you can actually help your recovery from active addiction.


Spinning for Anxiety


Anxiety is a potentially debilitating mental illness that can have a wide range of symptoms for those who struggle with it. The difference between fear and anxiety is that fear is when a real danger is present, but anxiety can occur simply based on thoughts. Depending on the type of anxiety disorder you have, the anxiety may be triggered by thinking about the future or the past, but for some it can happen out of nowhere. When anxiety arises, the mind begins to race, and it can be difficult to keep your thoughts in order.


Using a fidget spinner can be a mindful way of bringing your attention back to the present moment instead of thinking about the past or the future. By spinning the fidget spinner, it’s a quick reminder to bring your attention back. This can be extremely helpful for those who get the type of anxiety symptoms that make it feel as though you need to be doing something. Even though it seems like a trivial activity to spin this gadget between your fingertips, it can be enough to calm your mind.


Benefits for ADHD


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a mental illness many addicts suffer from that causes a lack of the ability to stay focused. Those who struggle with symptoms of ADHD struggle with recovery because it can be difficult to pay attention while in sessions at rehab or even in 12-step meetings. Much like those who struggle with anxiety, the fidget spinner can help bring your attention back to the present moment. Not only that, but ADHD is your mind telling you that you should be doing something, and simply spinning this gadget can satisfy that urge that your mind has.




Here at Boca Recovery Center, we’re dedicated to helping you overcome your addiction as well as your symptoms of mental illness. We’re here to help you create a foundation for your long-term recovery, so it’s important that you’re able to receive all the benefits of our program. We now offer our clients custom Boca Recovery Center fidget spinners to help you stay focused while you’re receiving the treatment that can potentially save your life.