Here at Boca Recovery Center, we know that recovery from addiction is a marathon and not a sprint. Although our addiction treatment program has helped many people recover from a seemingly hopeless situation and repair relationships with loved ones, a lot of it has to do with the work that goes into recovery once the treatment process is complete. Our program is here to set up a solid foundation for all of our clients, but we also want to ensure that you’re doing well once you discharge. We have an alumni program for everyone who goes through our treatment center so you have additional support once you leave our facility.

Transitioning Can Be Difficult

While you’re at Boca Recovery Center, you’ll feel safe and secure from all of your troubles back home. We provide each of our clients with a safe place where they can focus on themselves and build strong relationships with others who are trying to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. When it’s time to transition back to your regular life whether it be work, school, living with friends or family or even living on your own, it can be difficult. Going back into the situation where you once drank or used can be a struggle at first, so we’ll be sure to keep in close contact with you to provide you with additional support once you leave. You’ll be able to stay in touch with us to have someone who cares on the other side of the phone to talk you through whatever issues you may be dealing with.

The Importance of an Aftercare Plan

We’ll also be following up with you to see how your aftercare plan is going. Before you leave treatment, we’ll be giving you resources to continue strengthening your recovery once you leave. Whether it’s a list of 12-step meetings nearby or appointments with doctors or therapists, we want to ensure that these resources are allowing you to continue on the right path. A common misconception people have is that once they leave treatment they no longer have to put in any work for their recovery, but it’s of the utmost importance that you work as hard at your recovery as you did your addiction.

Staying Connected

In treatment, you’ll learn the power of having a support system. Our staff is highly qualified to help people overcome their addiction, but you’ll have also found that some of the best support you’ve had is from the other clients who are working towards a better life. Our alumni program is meant to help you maintain these relationships with one another by planning events and keeping you connected with each other for support once you discharge. Some of the relationships you build while you’re in treatment can last a lifetime and help you stay sober one day at a time.