Addiction & The College Student

College is meant to be one of the best times of a person’s life. Not only is it the chance to focus on one’s true passions and set out on their career path, but it’s a young person’s last chance to have fun and let loose. It’s no secret that college students love to have fun and party, but for some, this can be a very negative experience. Each year, young people in college are becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs and prescription medications for a wide range of reasons. This can lead to a person failing out of high school and losing everything they’ve worked so hard for. If you’re struggling with an addiction in college or have a child who is, there is help, but it’s important to understand how addiction progresses in college.

Young People and Substance Abuse

Most young people begin experimenting with alcohol or drugs in high school. It can be a way to fit in with a certain crowd or it may just be something they do to have fun on the weekends. One of the ways substance abuse progresses is when a young person is turning to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Although many adults wish they could go back to their carefree teenage years, being a teenager can be extremely stressful. Some young people begin to turn to alcohol or drugs as a way of dealing with the stresses of performing well in school, fitting in or dealing with their own emotional troubles.

Stress Increases in CollegeCollege Student

Although the college years are supposed to be fun, many young people can become highly stressed during this period of their lives. Those who are on scholarships or highly focused on their school work can feel overwhelmed. One of the common trends amongst college students is the abuse of medications like Ritalin and Adderall. As a way to study longer and stay more focused, many college students are abusing these medications, and they can develop a dependency to the medications. Others deal with their stresses through excessive drinking, or they may begin experimenting with other drugs like opiates.

When Substance Abuse Becomes a Problem

The disease of addiction is one that doesn’t want a person to get well, so a person who becomes dependent is often in denial and will justify or rationalize their substance abuse. During college, it’s easy for a student to tell themselves as well as their loved ones that everyone else is drinking or using, so it’s alright for him or her to do the same. The problem is that some people become highly dependent, and they’re no longer in control of their drinking or using. Their use of alcohol or drugs becomes their top priority, which can lead to unmanageability as well as potential health risks.

Boca Recovery Center specializes in helping college students overcome their issues with substance abuse and addiction. Addiction is a progressive disease, so by curbing it at a young age, one still has the opportunity to live a healthy, fulfilling life by getting back on the right track. Not only are we here to help people overcome their addiction, but we also take pride in teaching young people that it’s possible to have fun without using alcohol or drugs.